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*distant shambling*

2015-05-24 20:35:35 by rabidsquirl

I transitioned. Woah. Going to be getting back into recording.


Its been years~

Happy genocidal celebration everyone! :)

2011-11-24 04:22:58 by rabidsquirl

While you're stuffing your face in memory of the massacre of the day, check out "Saving Thanksgiving"!

I save Thanksgiving for you as Zan. You're welcome :)

And don't forget to check out my totally accapella acapella song thing I did and wrote n' shit! /457345

Oh, btw. ;D

Entered VAC7 :-0 Scary stuff

2011-10-19 07:51:21 by rabidsquirl

First VA Contest I've entered here on NG!

My entry is here: /450173

Something a wee bit experimental skit-wise. :D Anything you hear that is monster-ish or something that sounds anything like some sort of vocal is me <3 Used some heavy post-production on some of the monster noises. Fun stuff, though! :D Music was mine as well <3

Been up for about 32 hours straight now and still going! :) Student loan debt is my infinite caffeine!

New Voice Demo! FINALLY!

2011-08-03 17:21:02 by rabidsquirl

Its been three years. Finally, here is my new animation reel. /437479

Rockin' it hard core.

Oh, and I graduated college. I've got a degree and stuff now. Awesome stuff.

Got a website.

2011-04-10 11:12:17 by rabidsquirl

Get at me.

After careful obsvervation....of clicking every other voice actor on NG's profile button, I've come to conclude that every other successful VA on Newgrounds has a better blog than me. That being said, I think I may just start typeing a bit more and adding some type of video afterward! Thats the thing to do, right?
So, because I'll probably forget to update EVER again, here is my situation so far!

On the life side of things, I'm looking for a roommate in Winter Park, Florida because I start at Full Sail University on August 3rd! Need to move down there in July! Had a roommate all settled and the like, even calculated the finances and such....then, he decided to dissapear for a few weeks, only to reappear and say that he decided to give that roommate position to his friend.
I love being screwed.
So, needless to say, thats what I've been up too on the life side of things.

In the voice acting world:
I've been jumping around between things here and there. Just renewed my subscription (For $1, w00t) at . I'll be setting up a store there. The site has brought me a little success and a little cash. Not enough to brag about, but I have been paid for a few things here and there. As for NG, I'll soon be appearing in Jimtopia's Jim and Pals 10, a collaboration of Jim cartoons! So, hooray for that. I'm quite satisfied with the recent release of Fizz: Episode 1 . I totally think our Jimtopa man is one of the better writers on NG for his savvy and childsafe humor. Rare in any form of media these days.
Other than that, I am working with a few others on Youtube in a few miscellaneous projects . Though , I'm leaning towards new grounds more so now for voice acting purposes . Though you can check out my page right here
, it has a majority of my demos on it As well as some of my music and other things . If my dialogue seems a little weird while I'm typing here it's because I'm not actually typing, I'm trying to do this entire blog using voice recognition software that comes with vista . I find it to be about 95% accurate most of the time .
It's actually quite neat.
Though now I really don't know what else to say , I think I'm just gonna go watch an episode of heroes, eat something, and go to work . See? I did all that was my voice. If there's anything you'd like to cast me in, please send me at PM. :D
Really, now I'm just playing around with this voice recognition software .

Oh! And you should totally send me an IM or something. I don't have alot of Newgrounds friends who don't spam me to vote 5 on something they are in or like -_-; At least I let the video get to the front page by itself D:

Best regards and stuff,

Oh, and here's that video I promised. Because I am, indeed, on a boat.

/* */

Last update was what...? Christmas?

Whatever :D

I'm just bad at blogging!

Fizz has hit first page! Another one of my favorite characters I've been xD Awesome stuff.




Jimtopia Christmas!

2008-12-23 20:48:33 by rabidsquirl

Yay for Jimtopia Christmas! ALl out fun song and animation ^_^ <3

Merry Christmas to all :D

A wee bit excited.

2008-10-14 18:44:07 by rabidsquirl

These new crediting things for voicing have me excited! I feel appreciated! XD

How do you get seen? XD

2008-10-06 18:48:49 by rabidsquirl

How da ef do so many people get like, 16 thousand comments within 16 minutes of posting a lil journal entry? XD I just don't know! I wish I did!

Anyway, while I continue to slowly take over youtube's voice acting area x3 Jim n' Pals Shorts 8 came out!

My favorite yet! <3!